MDHBA Membership Categories & Dues  

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Agency Member

Any corporation, firm or individual engaged in providing business, economic and related services to hospitals or the professions of medicine and dentistry; servicing physicians, dentists or hospitals in its service area; and maintaining compliance with the laws and regulations of the United States and its federal agencies. Any approved personnel employed by an Agency Member will have the ability to communicate with the membership, contribute to the benefit of the association/industry and access all MDHBA benefits. Each Agency shall designate a “primary member” who will hold MDHBA voting rights within the agency. Once your agency becomes a member, any employee at your agency can sign up as Agency Subscribers to receive access to all MDHBA services at no additional membership fee. Please select this link to download the Agency Subscriber Application to enroll additional employees from your office.

  • Category I, 1-5 Employees, $650.00
  • Category II, 6-15 Employees, $750.00
  • Category III, 16-30 Employees, $875.00
  • Category IV, 30+ Employees, $1,025.00

Associate Member

Associate Membership is available to business associates and clients of an Agency Member, as well as organizations that may have a legitimate interest in the healthcare ARM industry but do not quality for Agency or Vendor membership.

  • $350.00 

Vendor Member

Vendor Membership is available to any vendor organization that serves the healthcare industry..

  • $350.00 

Honorary Life Member

Any individual who has operated or been employed by an Active Member Agency in good standing that has been a member of the Association for 10 years or more is eligible for election by the Board of Directors for Honorary Life Membership. Considerations include:

  • Person is planning to retire or semi-retire from his/her active business endeavor.
  • Person does not hold an MDHBA elective office.
  • Person has rendered distinguished service to the association in accordance with standards determined by the Board of Directors.


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