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People ImageWith seven decades of experience in assisting healthcare-related business service firms prosper, MDHBA is your best professional resource. We focus on the healthcare field, period. This means our resources are tailored to meet your organization's needs. Take full advantage to be on the cutting edge of industry development with today's business leaders. Please review the information below and then select our Membership Application to begin your membership today!

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Membership Services

Members of MDHBA receive and have access to a variety of benefits through their participation. These include:

  • Bi-monthly electronic MDHBA Newsletter
  • Educational programs, including the Annual Conference and webinars
  • Three levels of certification
  • Professional awards
  • Searchable, online "members only" community, including: Membership Directory, Listservs, Newsletters, Educational Handouts, Newsfeeds, resources, and more
  • Unlimited opportunities to network with your peers

Collection Supervisors SIG: MDHBA believes that collection supervisors from within its membership should be able to interact, share ideas, and build a platform of support for each other. By strengthening the knowledge of our collection supervisors, MDHBA will be providing a solid benefit to our member agencies. Therefore, we created the Collection Supervisors Special Interest Group, or SIG, for those who serve in a collection supervisor capacity. There is no cost to add your name to this list. The SIG services include:

  • An online “Social Community”, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn, where collection supervisors can interact and share ideas.
  • Conference calls, from time-to-time, on specific topics relevant to their job.
  • Programming at the Annual Conference that would benefit this group, as well as your agency, helping to grow the value of the conference for all of our members.

If your agency is an MDHBA member and you would like to be a part of this new endeavor, please check with your supervisor to be sure you have permission to participate. Then, e-mail our Executive Director, Michael Bandy, to let him know you would like to have your name added to the SIG list. His e-mail is [email protected]. You do need to be an Agency Subscriber member to participate (see below).

 "MDHBA has been an extremely valuable organization to me
because of its size and the relationships that have developed in
an open and friendly atmosphere." - A Satisfied Member

Membership Requirements

An Agency Member includes any corporation, firm or individual engaged in providing business, economic and related services to hospitals or the professions of medicine and dentistry; servicing physicians, dentists or hospitals in its service area; and maintaining compliance with the laws and regulations of the United States and its federal agencies. Any approved personnel employed by an Agency Member will have the ability to communicate with the membership, contribute to the benefit of the association/industry and access all MDHBA benefits. Each Agency shall designate a “primary member” who will hold MDHBA voting rights within the agency. Additional employees from your agency can join as Agency Subscribers. Please select this link to download the Agency Subscriber Application and enroll employees from your office at no additional cost.

Associate Membership is available to business associates and clients of an Agency Member, as well as organizations that may have a legitimate interest in the healthcare ARM industry but do not qualify for Agency or Vendor membership. Vendor Membership is available to companies that supply products and services to Active Member agencies.

See listing of categories and dues now.

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