Certified Healthcare Collector (CHC)

CHC is designed to expand the knowledge of healthcare collections specialists. This program educates the collection specialist in the patient privacy issues relating to HIPAA, FDCPA and FCRA. Education in the process of developing patient financial responsibility is the focus in establishing and collecting receivables from insurance providers, as well as the patient share of cost. Private payers are a vital part of the CHC certification training. To receive the designation, candidates must be employed by a recognized healthcare/AR company, or established healthcare service provider, and complete an online exam. Certification must be renewed every two years to maintain certified status.

CHC CertificateTo certify the first time, you must pay the exam fee ($60 members/$85 non-members) and earn a passing grade (80%) on the CHC test to earn your professional certification. You must be an employee of a collection agency to take the exam. BEFORE signing on for the exam, we strongly encourage you to view and download the CHC Study Guide. Presented in PDF format, the guide contains useful information that can help you succeed when taking the exam. However, you are encouraged to seek other sources of information to study so that you are fully prepared when you take the exam. To take the exam, you must be employed by and provide the name of the agency that provides healthcare collection services on the registration form. CHCs must re-certify every two years. Beginning in November, 2008, a shorter exam is offered for re-certification. The price to re-certify for employees of member agencies is $25, while the fee for employees of non-member agencies is $55.

Exam Registration/Access Instructions: If you are logged into the MDHBA web site, please logout before registering for the exam. After selecting Register for CHC Exam below, you will access a registration form. Complete and submit the form and your payment option. Once your form is received and processed (may take up to 48 hours) you (or the agency representative registering you to take the exam) will receive an e-mail from MDHBA with instructions for accessing the CHC exam through our technology partner, ClassMarker, as well as login information for the students who will be taking the exam.

Because of our partnership with ClassMarker, you will now benefit from several enhanced exam features. These include immediate feedback on pass/fail, as well as the opportunity to review the questions you missed. Additionally, exam security has been enhanced because the system draws randomly from a pool of questions to create a unique exam each time it is taken. If you do not pass the exam, you are automatically scheduled to re-take the exam up to five times and DO NOT need to register again through the MDHBA web site. You simply login with your Student ID and Password to the ClassMarker site. Please call MDHBA if you have any questions.

You can login and download a PowerPoint presentation here that will help you prepare individuals for the CHC exam.

Register for CHC Exam

MDHBA member agencies may request an Excel file of their current list of certified employees, along with expiration dates, by contacting the MDHBA office.)