Healthcare Certification: Why it Matters

In today's competitive business environment, individuals and companies are looking for a clear advantage. Professional certification can be that advantage. Certification can help:

  • Convey your desire to exceed industry standards and expectations
  • Emphasize excellence for employees
  • Establish consistent implementation of clear, concise policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Maintain adherence with business associate agreements that are required in the healthcare industry
  • Accelerate career growth and professional development

MDHBA's professional certification programs are designed to help both individuals and companies. The Certified Professional Business Executive (CPBE) recognizes an individual's achievements and success in senior/executive level management. Those who complete the Certified Healthcare Collector (CHC) certification are supporting their own professional development, while enhancing the level of service being provided by their employer agencies. MDHBA's Certified Patient Account Specialist (CPAS) program provides education and recognition for agency clients who work with patient balance accounts.

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