Association Profile

Event ImageMedical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates is a nation-wide network of independent businesses that provide accounts receivable management services and products to the healthcare industry. Formed in 1939 with the help of the American Medical Association, MDHBA and its members set a tone of collaboration and continuous improvement within the demanding and competitive world of healthcare financial services.

With nearly 30 qualified agency members nationwide, MDHBA provides a forum for idea exchange, continuing education and certification. Member agencies include both large and small businesses and include first-time entrepreneurs as well as established industry leaders.

Regardless of size or status, the common element among all members is a willingness and commitment to sharing ideas and information with fellow MDHBA associates. This collaborative spirit coupled with a desire to improve the level of industry-wide competency is helping MDHBA define the standards for financial services performed for medical, dental, hospital and related healthcare service providers.

Through the years, an unprecedented passion for excellence has led MDHBA leadership to develop a well-respected continuing education program. MDHBA seminars include coursework for admission, billing and patient account personnel as well as specialized programs for management. Both the employee and the management seminar series culminate in certification tests that qualifies those who pass as either an MDHBA Certified Healthcare Collector (CHC) or Certified Professional Business Executive (CPBE).

In addition to individual credentialing programs, MDHBA certifies agencies that provide financial services to healthcare organizations. Agency certification recognizes that the service provider organization meets or exceeds rigorous MDHBA criteria including staff and management certification requirements, policy and procedure standards and disciplinary guidelines.

Three strategies are in place to accomplish MDHBA's mission:

  1. Setting quality standards to help ensure ethical, high-quality financial practices
  2. Promoting business integrity of the industry through selective membership standards
  3. Providing educational programs

MDHBA's educational programs are directed at providing:

  • Accounts receivable management seminars for medical and hospital business personnel
  • Training for managers and future owners
  • Owner-specific information and education to ensure a solid business strategy and processes, including succession, joint ventures, and strategic alliances
  • Guidelines for consulting
  • General business education and training
Healthcare is Our Specialty
  • MDHBA Members nationally serve over 50,000 healthcare providers, as well as more than 750 hospitals and 450 ancillary healthcare services
  • 76% of Member agencies' collection business is healthcare
  • On an average, Member agencies have 569 healthcare clients
  • The majority of MDHBA Members have been in business for over 40 years
  • Member agencies operate in 45 states, and have an average of 28 employees
  • MDHBA Members' national recovery rate for healthcare clients Is 20.6%
  • The average national account balance is $325
  • Member agency collectors are certified by MDHBA, ACA, and CDIA
Other Services MDHBA Members Provide Their Healthcare Clients
  • On-Line Payment Posting
  • Staff Training/Conventions
  • Special Billing
  • Employee Training
  • Pre-collect
  • Billing Follow-Up
  • Medicaid/Medicare Re-Billing
  • Cash Management Programs
  • Mail Return/Skip Tracing
  • Letter Services
  • Early Out
  • Consultation
  • Insurance Follow-Up
  • Check Service/Verification
  • Contract Account Billing
  • Clean Up Projects
  • Contract Installment Management